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3CMA President - Julie Brechbill
Julie Brechbill
3CMA President
At 3CMA Our Mission Is...

“Connecting local government innovators to achieve the highest ideals of public service through the power of communications and marketing.”

The organization continues to build its network of individuals committed to improving government/citizen relationships and the delivery of services through the application of marketing strategies and techniques.
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2014 Annual Conference
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PO Box 20278
Washington, DC 20041
Phone: (703) 707-0830
Fax: (703) 707-0867
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News Flash
2015 Annual Conference Proposed Dates The proposed dates for the 2015 Annual Conference are September 2nd - 4th. Additional details coming soon!

60 Ideas in 60 Minutes & Beg, Borrow, and Steal Videos 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes
Beg, Borrow, and Steal
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Moral, Motivation, Retention & Recruitment Issues Video Filmed during 3CMA's Chandler, AZ Regional Conference. Presenter: Jillian McManus, Director of Organizational health and development, Arizona State University. Moderator: Pier Simeri, Community Relations & Public Affairs Director, Avondale, AZ View Video...

"Everyone in the Pool
Improving Citizen Engagement"
from the 2014 Annual Conference

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