2022 Pre-Conference Sessions

Something to Talk About: Social Media Content Bootcamp

Social media is the fastest and cheapest way to spread the word about your city, but how do you know what to post and when? This workshop will take you step by step through creating a content calendar, starting your own social bank and optimizing your facilities, events and services to encourage visitors to generate their own content for you! In this 3-hour workshop, participants will learn why social media is important and how to include staff in content generation, learn how to develop a content calendar and social bank, and why those tools will make your efforts more efficient and effective, and learn tons of tips and tricks for generating professional, effective and engaging content. This is a great session for anyone new to the industry, or without a strong background in marketing that's looking for some hands-on how-to lessons to hit the ground running. Session includes a workbook full of everything covered as well as evergreen information and guides.

Smartphone Video Lab: Using Recorded Video and Livestreaming to Create Compelling Content!

This highly interactive training experience is all about compelling content creation, which every City and County agency needs to master for maximum impact on social media!

Participants will learn recorded video techniques, including:

  • How to properly shoot great-looking smartphone video with the confidence that every shot will be usable
  • The four types of videos you can start with
  • How to effectively interview subject matter experts to get immediately usable content
  • Basic video editing. Apps demonstrated or mentioned include iMovie for iPhone and InShot and Adobe Premiere Rush for iPhone/Android (iPhone will be used for all demos)
  • Attendees will have hands-on practice creating one or more projects during the workshop.

Participants will also learn livestreaming video techniques, including:

  • How to use live video for normal communications, as well as in an emergency
  • Using livestreaming video effectively to immediately create authority and human connection with the community in a crisis
  • How to quickly create a video shooting area in the JIC or EOC
  • How to integrate video content creation with the JIC PIO function
  • Tech accessories to make your videos and livestreams look and sound great

Additional Session Coming Soon

Additional Session Coming Soon