2019 Conference Sponsors

CivicPlus - Grand SponsorCivicPlus - Grand Sponsor

CivicPlus is the integrated technology platform that powers local government. We work with over 3,500 municipalities to provide solutions for website design and hosting, parks and recreation management, employee management, mass notifications, agenda and meeting management, and citizen request management. Our solutions are backed by responsive service and our award-winning technical support team. It's all part of our commitment to make government work better.

Polco - Savvy Awards Sponsor

Polco - Savvy Awards SponsorPolco and National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) use public input that counts to move communities forward. Polco and NRC offer the best in civic engagement through resident surveys and communication technology to local governments and other public sector entities. Polco's award-winning civic engagement platform uses quick web-surveys to transform the way leaders communicate with residents, so local leaders can get real-time results on a regular basis. NRC is a thought-leader in the survey industry and has set the gold standard for public opinion research and evaluation methodology for the last 25 years. Together, Polco and NRC make surveys and polls easier to administer, promote faster feedback, produce deeper analytics and reliable results. Visit polco.us and n-r-c.com to learn more.

Bang the Table - Innovation Forum Sponsor

Bang the Table - Innovation Forum SponsorBang the Table, the leader in online community engagement, provides a software platform that enables governments to build and nurture online communities. Offering the convenient alternative to live town hall forums, citizens participate online in an exchange of information, become informed on issues and weigh in on initiatives, perspectives and solutions surrounding projects. Bang the Table's software platform, EngagementHQ, was built by public engagement practitioners who are passionate about empowering organizations to connect with the communities they support. The platform encourages engagement and feedback through its eight online engagement tools and offers insights with its analytics and reporting features. Organizations use this data to help improve communications with their communities and make more thoughtful, citizen involved decisions.

Granicus - Welcome Event Sponsor

Granicus - Welcome Event SponsorGranicus empowers over 2,500 cities, counties, special districts, and school districts to streamline processes and inform citizens. As a public servant, you work hard every day to deliver vital services to citizens while complying with regulations. We know that's not easy. Imagine a world where you become the hero of your organization, where you have one platform connecting your communications, public meeting processes, website management and records filings - creating a seamless experience for users. You can with Granicus. Learn more at the Granicus website.

OpenCities - Lanyard/Badge Holder Sponsor

OpenCitiesOpenCities empowers local governments to create better web, intranet and online service experiences that last. By making it easy for everyone in the community to find information and access digital services, at any time, we help rebuild trust and satisfaction between local government and its residents. More than just a CMS, the OpenCities platform is an entirely new way of thinking about how your city or county approaches its digital customer experience. We give you the ability to easily maintain and update content on your website, intranet and digital forms without custom development. Partnering with local governments all over the world, we leverage user-testing to continually add new features to your platform, and we guarantee that your site will always comply with changing industry, device, browser and accessibility standards at no cost. We're here to help you serve better.

ArchiveSocial - Notebook Sponsor

ArchiveSocial - Notebook Sponsor Opens in new windowArchiveSocial works with cities, counties, law enforcement agencies, and school districts to capture and archive information shared on social media. The company's cloud-based archiving and analytics technology is trusted by more than 2,000 organizations including New York City, the State of North Carolina, and the United States Department of Justice. In 2017 ArchiveSocial collaborated with the White House to launch the first archive of presidential social media in history for the outgoing Obama administration. For more information, please visit the ArchiveSocial website.

CivicLive - West - Tote Sponsor

CivicLive - Tote SponsorWest's CivicLive solutions is the trusted platform for eGovernment communication and engagement solutions. Offering smart websites, mass notifications, custom mobile and citizen request management, CivicLive solutions are designed to encourage community engagement and provide government agencies a unified place for all of their communication.

Municode - Audio Visual Sponsor

Audio Visual Sponsor - MunicodeMunicode's mission is to connect you to your citizens. To do so, we work with our 4100 municipal clients across the country to create products and solutions that promote transparency, efficiency and that enable you to more effectively serve your staff and citizens. Whether it's through legal codification process, our robust suite of online legislative search tools, custom website design, or our online payment portal, our goal is to help you more effectively engage with the citizens in your community.

RUSHWORKS - Digital Media Sponsor

RUSHWORKS - Digital Media Sponsor Opens in new windowRUSHWORKS has been providing integrated PTZ production and automation systems to city, county and other government organizations since 2001. Our mission is to provide low cost, high performance solutions for managing the audio and video media requirements for your community. Whether it's touch screen, multi-camera production for your meetings (VDESK), or 24/7 scheduling and playback for your cable channel and streaming (A-LIST), our core technologies embrace our K.I.S.S. philosophy: Keeeping It Super Simple. And our Support Team is always available to answer the phone and provide assistance at any level.

Designwrite Studios - Print Media Sponsor

Designwrite StudioDesignwrite Studios helps cities and counties become more effective through communication design, where a seasoned ability to problem-solve is essential. We provide full-service design, production and printing for publications, branding, wayfinding, signage, reports and info-graphics. As seasoned print managers, we help maximize budget and effectiveness. We also provide web design, content development and management, open source design and deployment, and social media content. A service-driven production studio since 1985, Designwrite guarantees satisfaction, on-time and within budget.

FlashVote - Pre-Conference Luncheon Sponsor

Pre-Conference Luncheon Sponsor - FlashVoteFlashVote gets statistically valid community input for local governments in 48 hours, so you don't get misled or bullied by the noisiest voices from public meetings or online forums. You'll make better decisions that make residents happier and deliver more value. We've already helped our customers save over $200 million.

Granite Sky Civic - Super Supporter

Granite Sky Civic - Super Supporter Opens in new windowGranite Sky Civic is a full-service marketing firm specializing in citizen education and communication. From branding to website development and education campaigns to newsletter magazines and Parks and Rec program guides – we are your turn-key partner with one point of contact. We help municipalities maintain a consistent brand by utilizing our online print management portal for purchasing of business cards, envelopes, forms and other print collateral, customized to your specific needs for proofing, order tracking, billing and allowing for individual departments to place orders as needed while not compromising the brand.

Swagit - Super SupporterSwagit Productions, LLC - Super Supporter

Swagit provides hands-free video streaming®, broadcast, and captioning solutions to local, state & federal government agencies.

CASTUS - Super SupporterCASTUS - Super Supporter

CASTUS provides easy to use scheduling and playout servers that are reliable! Video on Demand with OTT support, live streaming for all social media platforms, real time agenda indexing, plus complete support for Closed Captions - all out of the same box. Capture, Schedule Playout & Stream.

Cablecast - Super SupporterCablecast Community Media by Tightrope Media Systems - Super Supporter

With Cablecast Community Media by Tightrope Media Systems, your content meets your community wherever and whenever they watch. With Cablecast you can work smart from anywhere and handle your scheduling, automation and playout for cable, streaming, VOD and OTT from a single web-based interface. Also enjoy our turnkey solutions for your online content library, chaptered VOD content with embeddable meeting agendas, robust reporting tools and fully integrated broadcast bulletin board.

North Star Place Branding & Marketing - Super Supporter

North Star - super supporterNorth Star Place Branding & Marketing An industry leader in place branding, North Star Place Branding & Marketing has partnered with more than 250 communities over the past two decades, helping them become more competitive. Using state-of-the-art research tools, North Star achieves a focused snapshot of a community's values, assets, and priorities, which can then be articulated as its "brand." Brands uncovered in this manner are endorsed and absorbed by their communities, thereby increasing the likelihood of success in a crowded marketplace. North Star has branded villages, towns, cities, counties, regions, and states for the purposes of tourism, economic development, or community-wide identity development to support the missions of public sector entities. Past North Star collaborations include high-level initiatives with the states of Florida and Mississippi, with well-known cities such as Providence, Rhode Island and Jacksonville, Florida, and with smaller communities like Johnson City, Tennessee and Turlock, California.

Pat Davis Design Group, Inc. - Super Supporter

Pat Davis Design Group - Super Supporter Opens in new windowPDDG is a national marketing communications agency with over 40 years of experience working with municipalities of all sizes across the U.S. Our range of services includes branding, creative, graphic design, website design, marketing strategy, content creation, social media, and event planning. Some of the industries we serve include economic development, workforce development, tourism, parks and recreation, transportation, and education.

Alpha Card Compact Media LLC - Super Supporter

Alpha Card Compact Media LLC - Super SupporterTalk to us about #creatingengagement and adding value to your communications using our Z-folding and Infinity cards. We bring you clever, printed, folded products that create engagement between your audience and content by unwrapping a portable, retainable, tactile and compelling experience. This interaction adds value to your content, creating real power in the pocket. We can help you create more impact with your messages, making your communications go further with greater retention rates. The uses for our products are only limited by your imagination, bridging the gap between the printed and digital worlds using cross-media technologies such as QR codes, RFID, NFC and Augmented Reality. We have over 12 years experience manufacturing and distributing Z-folding and Infinity cards throughout, Europe, North America and Africa. During this time over 350 million of these products have passed through our manufacturing facilities, which are based in the UK and throughout mainland Europe, so we are ideally placed to advise on the most suitable products to meet your needs. It is very important to work in the most eco-friendly way possible, so we print all of our products on FSC certified paper. Talk to us now about Creating Engagement with your communications.

Alpha Card Compact Media Website

TCU Certified Public Communicator Program - Super Supporter

TCU Certified Public Communicator Program - Super SupporterThis rigorous post-baccalaureate program at TCU offers education and leadership training for communication professionals in cities, counties, and public-sector organizations.

  • Students graduate from the program with three-year communication plans and policies for their organizations. 
  • Students spend two weeks in Fort Worth at TCU to focus on theory, experiential learning and communication plan building. 
  • CPC is a partnership among TCU's Bob Schieffer College of Communication, the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (founding partner) and the National Association of County Information Officers.

For more info, please visit the Certified Public Communicator Program Website.

Citibot - Super SupporterCitibot - Super Supporter

Citibot transforms local government customer service by connecting cities and counties to their residents through interactive text messaging.

Balancing Act - Super Supporter

Balancing Act LogoBalancing Act provides local governments with the tools for meaningful budget engagement and participation, financial transparency, accountability. Tools include an interactive budget simulation, taxpayer receipt, and "Meeting Mode." Meeting Mode turns the online simulation into a dynamic, interactive facilitation tool. While online approaches to public engagement offer great accessibility for residents, some of the most important interactions still happen face-to-face in town hall meetings, at citizen academies and other real-time events.

COMENGAGE LLC - Super Supporter

COMENGAGE - Super SupporterCOMENGAGE.US links customer-focused public, regulated, and not-for-profit organizations with the communities they serve to allow their residents, customers, or members to participate in meaningful and ongoing engagements activities to inform the critical decisions that impact their everyday lives.

We are a knowledge organization with a technology platform providing an integrated solution that provides the expertise, resources, and technology platform to develop and maintain a community that is representative of the community you serve, enabling you to engage in ongoing research (quantitative and qualitative) to improve decision-making, and increase support for your community, brand, and policies.

Tyler Technologies - Super SupporterTyler Technologies - Super Supporter

Tyler Technologies is the world's largest software company that exclusively works with public sector partners. At Tyler, we imagine a world where all city, county, and regional government services are connected within a healthy digital infrastructure. Connecting data, processes, and people makes communities safer, smarter, and more responsive to the needs of residents.

Mintent - Super Supporter

Mintent - Super SupporterMintent is a Content Marketing Platform used by mid-sized to large teams to plan, produce, publish and measure marketing content. Communicators and Marketers in government are turning to Mintent to help them to stay organized and focused even with internal and external stakeholders relying on them for up-to the minute content. Mintent allows for scheduling all planned content ahead of time, so if crisis communications or last minute press releases are needed, teams will have the time and resources to address them without the stress. Mintent also allows teams to automate the delegation of tasks, communicate clearly across the team, and get approvals easily. With Mintent, communicators have around the clock governance for their content, and are able to achieve higher returns on their content investment through content tracking and SEO capabilities. Customers include City of Arlington, YMCA, NYU, Allegion, Premier Inc., and Barrick Gold. Visit the Mintent website to learn more.

Revize - Super SupporterRevize - Super Supporter

Revize is renowned as a leader in providing easy to use Government CMS designed for municipalities only – Revize eGov CMS. This simple-to-use yet powerful solution enables clients to manage their online presence with unparalleled functionality and style.

Enco - Super SupporterENCO Systems, Inc. - Super Supporter

ENCO is the premier global provider of radio and television software solutions, including playout, automation, captioning, transcription, compliance logging, scheduling, traffic, streaming, podcasting, imaging, newsroom, VOD, and OTT. Learn why thousands of broadcasters rely on ENCO solutions every day.

The Rosho LiveThe Rosho Live - Super Supporter

The Rosho Live, a media personality, storyteller and live stream strategist is on a mission to empower influencers, thought leaders and messengers to amplify their voice and monetize their story on air and online.