2023 Conference Sponsors

Municipal Captioning - Grand SponsorMunicipal Captioning

Municipal Captioning Inc. helps Cities and Counties add human and automated solutions for captioning all of their meetings for television, live streaming, social media, and more. We also provide “GOV Meeting Makeovers” where we can help hybridize meeting workflows that need to accommodate both in-person and virtual participants, and can update old PEG facilities with low-cost but effective replacement components. We have 2 decades of experience and local government customers across the country, and we always provide a GOV Discount and Free Shipping for all Gov entities.

Citibot - Savvy Awards SponsorCitibot_Logo

Local government communications professionals can increase citizen engagement while reducing the amount of communications their staff handles everyday with Citibot. Citibot builds AI-powered chatbot platforms for citizens and their governments to use for efficient and effective communication and civic change. Using smart text messaging and web chat technology, Citibot helps residents get answers to questions, report issues, send messages directly to staff, and receive real-time alerts. For more information visit http://citibot.io or connect with Citibot on Twitter (@citibot_io), Facebook (/citibotio) or Instagram (@citibot).

Cablecast + TRMS Logo Horizontal CenterCablecast Automation - by Tightrope Media Systems - Innovation Forum Sponsor

Write once, publish everywhere. This streamlined cross platform media distribution workflow eliminates redundant tasks to capture, cablecast, stream, caption and publish in all the places your viewers are watching. Ask us about integrated meeting solutions, community bulletin board, turnkey streaming apps and new cloud workflows! cablecast.tv

CivicPlus - Notebook SponsorCivicPlus - Notebook Sponsor

At CivicPlus®, we work with thousands of local government leaders, and they tell us they need to improve how residents access and experience municipal services, but they struggle with budget cutbacks and technology constraints. We enable civic leaders to solve these problems by delivering technology that enables municipalities to optimize the experiences they deliver to residents. Over 7,500 local governments use our solutions when serving their 340 million residents. We deliver the industry’s only Civic Experience Platform. It enables local governments to drive more revenue, operate more efficiently, and generate positive recognition for the many services they provide every day. 

Carousel Digital Signage - Super SupporterCarousel Digital Signage - Super Supporter

Carousel has been helping communities thrive with digital signage for 25 years. We make Digital Signage Content Management Software that empowers people to create and consume visual information within their organization.