Keynote Speakers

Rowena Alegría | Chief Storyteller - City and County of Denver, Colorado

Rowena Alegria

I AM DENVER - Storytelling Project

What Denver's Chief Storyteller Is Learning About Listening 

In local government, communications is often about getting out City Hall's message—using the media, social channels, speeches, and other means to reach residents and talk to them. Denver's Rowena Alegría believes City Hall communications is missing the opportunities that come with listening?—?especially when it comes to the city's underrepresented peoples. As the city's recently appointed Chief Storyteller, her role is to find those people, engage them, give them voice, and, in the process, capture Denver's yesterday today and tomorrow. Bloomberg Cities says that I Am Denver, the resulting multimedia community storytelling project, is as much an experiment in resident engagement as it is a pipeline of digital content. Come get a peek at what the stories look like, how they're helping to frame a new model for how the city engages with community and maybe even explore your own I Am Denver story.

Eva Guidarini - FacebookEva Guidarini | U.S. Politics & Government Outreach - Facebook

Facebook for Local Government: Tools, Best Practices, and Q&A

Come learn about the latest tools, tips and best practices that can help you better reach and connect with members of your community on Facebook, and ask us your questions about the platform.

Sarah Moss | Civic Dreamer and Doer - Sarah Moss, Inc.

Sarah Moss

Fear and Loathing on the Innovation Trail

Congratulations, you committed to innovation and process improvement! You know it won't always be sunshine and rainbows but aren't quite sure what to expect. Your colleagues are going to have some thoughts and feelings, so now is a good time to start thinking about change management before the change manages you. Sarah Moss has served two stints in local government communications and community engagement, lived to tell the tales, and distilled them into practical amateur psychology lessons to apply in your work.

Joseph Porcelli | Public Agency Lead and Ambassador of Community at Nextdoor

Joseph Porcelli

Nextdoor Front Porch Chat: Lessons Learned, Trends, and Best Practices

Operating in over 241,000 neighborhoods in 10 countries, Nextdoor is the essential app for the neighborhood with the purpose of empowering neighbors everywhere to build stronger local communities. Nextdoor for Public Agencies -Nextdoor's free government interface- serves as the neighborhood engagement platform for thousands of government agencies looking to reach large quantities of residents in service areas, neighborhoods, and across their municipalities.

During this interactive "Front Porch Chat" with Joseph Porcelli, Public Agency Lead and Ambassador of Community at Nextdoor, Joseph will address 3CMA members' most pressing questions about Nextdoor. He will also share lessons learned, trends, and best practices that have emerged over the last couple of years.