3CMA Webinar Series

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Wednesday, June 9, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, 10 a.m. Pacific Time (90-minute workshop)

When a resident or visitor comes to your local government website, you want it to be an easy and informative experience with citizen-centric content and services. Still, how do you gauge the effectiveness and what steps can you take to improve? This 3CMA workshop will help you understand how to map the customer journey and create inclusive content to help residents engage with your government whether in-person or online. The workshop will highlight key user-centered design principles, and learning skills and techniques for journey mapping, digitizing, testing, and improving web content. 

This 1.5-hour event will be highly interactive and held in a Zoom meeting format. You’ll be encouraged to have your website available to perform your own analysis and review. Whether you’re directly in charge of the website, provide content, or lead the web team, this Abworkshop will leave you with a bucket full of new ideas and approaches that can lead to improved experiences for your community.

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About the Speakers

Cynthia Francis, OpenCities Chief Operating OfficerCynthia Francis is the chief operating officer for OpenCities and is a leader in digital government and citizen experience technology. In 2016, she established OpenCities in the US to help assist local governments with achieving their digital transformation goals. Before joining OpenCities, she worked for Code for America, a national non-profit committed to helping government work better in the digital age.

Ruthnie Angrand, Syracuse OpenCities webinarRuthnie Angrand is the director of Communication and Marketing, for the City of Syracuse, reporting to the Mayor. She directs the city’s strategic marketing initiatives, as well as the public information officers, public engagement team, and ad-hoc teams redesigning, developing, and managing digital content integral to the city’s redesign of its website and transition to syr.gov. She is a self-proclaimed “communications Swiss-Army knife” with more than 15 years of experience in arts performance, nonprofit management, retail, and private-sector business. Syracuse’s Office of Communications was created under her direction.