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Posted on: May 22, 2020

3CMA Webinar - What and Who Are You Listening To? Using the Right Input for Important Decisions

What and Who are you Listing To

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
2 pm ET / 11 am PT
What are the biggest COVID-19 risks in your community - and for who? Are lockdown protesters the tip of the iceberg or the outliers? What are the needs and concerns that you aren’t hearing about?

You need public input to answer questions like these. But you also need to know which data you need for which decisions, what channels are good for what data, and what makes data unrepresentative or even dangerous. Now you can. 

This presentation will teach you powerful insights through current events, including eye-opening COVID-19 data and community survey data that you haven’t seen before. You’ll see how:

  • Self-selection ruins COVID testing data… and public input data
  • Data aggregation creates confusion about COVID risks… and about community needs
  • Focusing on the wrong data leads to COVID missteps… and mistaken agency decisions

You’ll learn from a data expert, Kevin Lyons, whose helpful frameworks and interesting facts left the Certified Public Communicator students at TCU “wanting more.”

If you’ve ever wanted your agency to use data the right way, especially public input, this will be the easiest and most entertaining way to learn what you need to know.  You’ll leave with simple tools you can use and share with colleagues. You’ll help everyone avoid bad guesses and big mistakes as you adjust services and budgets going forward. Don’t miss this one!

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