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PO Box 20278
Washington, DC 20041
Phone: (703) 707-0830
Fax: (703) 707-0867
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Job Posting on 3CMA's Website
To have a job posted on-line, 3CMA asks that the job posting be kept to a maximum length of one page and sent to 3CMA via e-mail (info@3cma.org) as a Word Document attachment. The job will remain on-line until the closing date or until the position is filled. The fee to have a job posted is as follows:

3CMA Members: $99
Non-Members: $149

Once the posting is received by 3CMA it will be placed on-line and included in the next Communications Update or Wire. 3CMA will e-mail a copy of the posting along with an invoice as soon as the job is placed on-line (normally within 24 business hours).


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