How much does it cost to submit an entry?

  • Entry Fee - Submitted online by June 15, 2020 - 3CMA Member: $85 - Non-Member: $140

When are the finalists notified?

Finalists (Savvy, Silver Circle and Award of Excellence) will be notified by the first/second week of August, 2020. 3CMA does their best to notify finalists within 24 business hours of receiving judging results.

Can I enter the same project/program in several different categories?

You may enter the same project one time in each of the three main categories of Communication and Marketing Tools, Communication and Marketing Processes, and Graphic Design and Photography, if applicable. You cannot enter the same project in multiple categories under the same main category (for example, you cannot enter the same video in multiple video categories or in other categories under Communication and Marketing Tools).

Who should enter?

  • All local government jurisdictions.  (City, County, Town, Village, etc.)
  • Public relations firms, consultants and/or advertising agencies may submit entries on behalf of their local government clients. Such entries must be submitted under the client’s name and jurisdiction.
  • Note: If your jurisdiction has someone who is a member of 3CMA, your entire jurisdiction is eligible for the Member Entry Rate.

When are the Entry Deadlines?

The 2019 Savvys have been postponed.  The Savvy portal has been temporarily closed.  It will re-open in January 2021.  Any entries that had already been submitted or were in process may be edited at that time.  You may also begin submitting additional entries then.

Entry Timeframe

Anything produced January 1, 2019 to present would be eligible for entry in the 2020 Savvy Awards Competition. If the program dates back prior to January 1, 2019, it still may be eligible, we just ask that you contact 3CMA prior to it being submitted to verify eligibility.

Is there an official Savvy Awards hashtag?

There sure is! The official Savvy Awards hashtag is #3CMASavvy