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Savvy Tips
  • Share the Call for Entries with all communicators and marketers in your organization. If you are a member, anyone in your organization can enter at the member rate. Please make sure that all entrants are aware of the full requirements for an entry - the call to enter is posted on the website.

  • A specific entry can be entered in more than one category, but the full package including fee must be completed for each category entered.

  • Keep your packaging simple. 3CMA mails the entries to the judges and often has to pull an entry apart so that it can be mailed with the other entries in the category.

  • Information submitted with the on-line short descriptor form must be the same as the information on the actual entry form. The same entrant name, etc. should be used.

  • Review the checklist to be sure all required elements have been covered.

  • Posters/Signage - Posters/Signage are difficult to include in the package of entries sent to the judging team.  If the poster or signage is difficult to mail, 3CMA recommends that you photograph the item and include those with your entry or a "scaled-down" version of the poster or oversized graphic can be printed out in a smaller format and submitted with the entry.

  • Time Questions - Please call the 3CMA office with any questions about time periods for the entry. The definition of a time period will vary from one type of entry to another. One example is an event or program such as Citizen Participation or Visioning that has been in the planning stages for several years and just happened. This is a legitimate entry.

  • When making payment by check or money order for multiple Savvy entries, one check can be used for all entries being submitted.

Examples - Past Winning Entries and Descriptive Letters
A Descriptive Letter should not exceed three pages and is often less.

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