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2018 Savvy Awards
3CMA 30th Anniversary Savvy LogoNote: The Savvy competition entry deadline has been extended until Friday, June 1st.

It was 1988. George H.W. Bush was elected president defeating Michael Dukakis, and Mikhail Gorbachev became the head of the Soviet Union. Heavyweight boxing Champ Mike Tyson had a 91-second knockout of Michael Spink but saw more news about his antics outside the ring. “Rainman” and ”Who Framed Roger Rabbit” were box office hits, Radio Shack released its upgraded Tandy 1000 SL Home Computer, Potbellied Pygmy pigs were popular pets, and smoking was banned for the first time on airline flights two hours or less. And significantly, a small group of professionals started 3CMA (City-County Communications & Marketing Association) and launched its first competition - The Savvy Awards.

Thirty years later, much has changed. Yet, what has remained constant is the mission of 3CMA to build relationships between communities and their residents, to bring private sector marketing into the forefront of the profession and to provide the nation’s best network of local government communicators and marketers. In the same manner, The Savvy Awards continue to recognize outstanding local government achievements in communications, marketing, engagement, and creativity. Every year, the entries are even more innovative than the year before, demonstrating that clearly, the best is yet to come! Let this be the year that your hard work is heralded on a national level as a Savvy Award winner.

Why Enter?
In 1988, Sprinters Carl Lewis and Florence Giffith Joyner received Gold Medals at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. In 2018, it can be you, receiving a Savvy Award at the 3CMA Annual Conference in Milwaukee. Winning a Savvy Award tells your residents and your elected and appointed leaders that your work to increase engagement, communicate effectively and infuse creativity is among the best in the nation. It’s also a matter of personal pride – you’ve seen the results of your work and having it judged by your peers and named among the best, brings a great sense of team and personal satisfaction. 

The early entry deadline date is April 6, and the regular entry deadline is May 14. And submitting a Savvy entry is affordable - $85 for members for the early entry deadline and $95 for members for the regular entry deadline.  (Comparatively, we’re well below the 4.42 percent annual inflation rate from 1988.)

Who Can Enter?
In 1988, top musicians ranged from Paul Simon to Whitney Houston to Hank Williams Jr. and Bon Jovi. The Savvy pool is even wider, with competition available to all local government jurisdictions (City, County, Town, Village, District, etc.). In addition, public relations firms, consultants and/or advertising agencies may submit entries on behalf of the local government clients, provided they are submitted under the client’s name and jurisdiction. 

What Sets Savvy Awards Apart from Other Competitions?
1988 is set apart from others as the first year a permanent intercontinental Internet link was made between the US and Europe, and the year the concept of the World Wide web was first discussed. For the Savvy's, the distinct benefit is the incredible database of problem-solving solutions gathered from local governments across the country. It’s literally like having a solution to nearly every municipal challenge at the touch of your fingertips! 3CMA members have easy access to Savvy entries from years past with cutting-edge information and ideas from the most creative professionals in the business.

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