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Washington, DC 20041
Phone: (703) 707-0830
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Sponsor Policy
3CMA has occasionally received notice from some members that sponsors have contacted them by unsolicited e-mail, and they have questioned if 3CMA is supplying the sponsors with contact information.

For several years 3CMA has been fortunate to have a very good sponsor/partner relationship between members and several companies.  These organizations have been generous in supporting the annual conference (thereby making it possible for 3CMA to offer a reasonable registration rate), in contributing toward luncheon costs at regional conferences and providing services.  Depending on the level of support, sponsors may say a few words or speak at the annual conference; however, 3CMA stresses that these sponsors do not take the opportunity to "sell."

3CMA does not endorse any sponsor, but will give credit to sponsors for their contributions to the 3CMA membership.  3CMA's policy is that sponsors are not to contact 3CMA members using 3CMA's name.  Although 3CMA does supply annual conference sponsors with an attendee list, that list contains only the mail address, and does not offer any phone, fax or e-mail information.

Please feel free to contact the 3CMA Office with any questions.

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