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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Drone Policy
Sean Reilly, Communications Manager, City of Overland Park, Kansas writes:
"I was wondering if any cities have an updated drone policy now that the FAA has in place requirements. Thank you."
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Citizen Communication about Municipal Stormwater Management
Claudia Deakins, Chief Communications Officer, City of Normal, Oklahoma writes:
"The City of Norman is seeking recommendations from those who have worked with PR firms that specialize in citizen communication about municipal stormwater management, especially re: establishing a new stormwater utility."
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Event Sponsorship Policy
Natalie Stevens, Marketing Technician, City of Greeley, Colorado writes:
"Does your City or County have a policy regarding event sponsorship? We are specifically looking for information on when the City is approached to sponsor a community event. Are there a set of rules or criteria used to determine what is sponsored?"
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