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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Developing a Strategic Communications Plan
Cydney Bieber, Acting Public Affairs Manager, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, Los Altos, California writes: 
"Our agency is beginning the process of developing a Strategic Communications Plan, and plan on using a consultant to assist us with the project. Does anyone have budget numbers for a similar project, or consultant?"  Respond Here

Videographer Job Description
Mary Zimmermann, Communications Manager, City of River Falls, Wisconsin writes:
"We are in the midst of creating a video plan for our city. Would love to see copies of job descriptions for full- or part-time videographers. Thanks!" Respond Here

Community Engagement Structure
Elizabeth Coffey, Communications Manager, City of Gresham, Oregon writes:
"How is community engagement handled within your city structure, in terms of staff? Is it centralized, decentralized? If it is centralized, how many staff focus on that, or is it all morphed together with Communications? If you could provide the # of residents your city has for context, that'd be helpful. Thank you in advance!" Respond Here

Keeping Your Eye on Digital Conversations
Kara D. Roberson, Communications Manager/PIO City of Wentzville, Ohio writes: 
"How do you keep your eye on digital conversations (social media, websites, etc.) that are about/affect your municipalities? Google Alerts? Hashtags? Mentions? What tools do you use to capture this information easily? Any help/input is appreciated." Respond Here

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