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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Policy for Using Outside Public Relations Services
Kassandra Timothe, Public Information Officer, City of North Miami, FL writes:
"The Public Information Office in the City of North Miami is currently reviewing outdated administrative regulations and policies and stumbled across a policy in 1989 relating to departments seeking public relations services. This regulation was instituted before the Public Information Office was established. The objective of our new policy would be to provide procedures for department representatives who utilize services for public and media relations, marketing, branding and outreach services. What policy does your City have in place?"  Respond Here

Tips or Training for Council Live Streaming
Anne H. Brown, Community Relations/Public Information Officer, City of Worthington, OH writes:
"The City of Worthington will begin live streaming and recording its City Council meetings on our website later this year. Since this is the first time many of our Council members will appear on camera, we're planning to provide some training and helpful tips to help their on-camera appearance and delivery. Information such as what to wear-not to wear, sit up and speak into the microphone, don't look at the cameras, etc... I'm wondering if anyone who has experience with training Council for live streaming has any tip-sheets or presentations that were shared with elected officials to help their on-camera presence?" Respond Here

Most Successful Communication Tool You Use?
Melinda Mayo, Communications and Media Officer/FOIA Officer, City of Roanoke, VA writes:
"What are the most successful Communication Tools you use? My office is looking at the current methods we use for engaging and communicating with citizens, to evaluate whether we are keeping pace with other local governments. I'm interested in knowing what you assess as your most successful communication tools, and how they help you measure how well you communicate." Respond Here

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