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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Performance Measures and Data Metrics
Jeff Montgomery, Public Information Officer, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia writes:
"Anyone have performance measures and data metrics for your communications office/PIO that you update every year/fiscal year and compare to prior years? Just curious to see what others use."
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Code of Conduct
Mitzi Rapkin, Community Relations Director, City of Aspen, Colorado writes:
"Does anyone have a "code of conduct" posted in your government offices? Something that might be poster sized or smaller that lays out rules of engagement for how visitors to government office should behave. Thanks."
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Citizen Survey
Ann Tennes, Director of Marketing and Communications, Village of Skokie, Illinois writes:
"The Village of Skokie will conduct a written citizen survey in 2018 (mailed with online response option), and I am looking for referrals to vendors that my 3CMA colleagues have used with success in the recent past. We have contracted with the National Research Center for years, and they've done a great job, but I need to solicit competitive proposals this cycle. Any referrals will be greatly appreciated! Thanks."
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Drone Guideline and Policy Development
Britta Monaco, Director, Department of Community & Public Relations, City of Gaithersburg, Maryland writes:
"The City of Gaithersburg, Md. is seeking the services of an outside consultant to assist us with guideline and policy development, training and FAA application for a drone program. Has anyone worked with a third party vendor, and if so who, and how was your experience?"
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