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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Marketing Your Jurisdiction Locally and/or Nationally
Kimberly Koch, Office Manager, City of Port St. Lucie, Florida writes:
"I am reaching out to see if there are cities that have marketed themselves locally and/or nationally. We would love to know how and/or what companies that they may have used in order to do this. I appreciate any assistance that you may be able to provide."  Respond Here

Internal Communications Plan
Jim Reese, Reese Consulting, Inc., Danville, California writes:
"I’m helping a City evaluate the effectiveness of its internal communications. When are meetings, emails and phone calls appropriate? How should information be transmitted up and down the organization?" Respond Here

Outreach to Hispanic Residents
Beverly Thompson, Public Affairs Director, City of Durham, North Carolina writes:
"I am researching how other cities have incorporated Spanish (language) into their outreach, including signage, broadcasts, print materials, meetings etc. Any advice, or direction as far as contacts in other cities would be welcomed! We recently welcomed a Latino council member and one of her platforms is better outreach to the Spanish population here in Durham, which is about 13 percent. Thanks!!" Respond Here

Thanking Community for Helping Pass Ballot Measures
Gabi Boerkircher, Communications Specialist, Boulder County, Colorado writes:
"We have been looking into options for thanking our community when they have voted for one of our ballot measures. We have passed things like Worthy Cause taxes (monies given to local non-profits for infrastructure projects) or Open Space taxes (monies set aside to purchase and protect lands) that we would like to show our gratitude for passing. We have considered thinks like plaques on buildings and trailheads...but that hasn't inspired much excitement. Does anyone else have something creative your county or city has done to thank voters?" Respond Here

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