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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Tax Bill "Extra" Information
Jennie Vana, APR, Communications Manager, Lake County, IL writes:
"Does your county’s tax bill include “extra” information to enhance transparency? For example, I’ve heard some counties list contact information for each of the taxing bodies reflected on the bill (school district, libraries, etc.) Can you send me yours if it’s not traditional?"
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RFP for Communications Audit and/or Communications Plan
Sean Reilly, Communications Manager, City of Overland Park, KS writes:
"Looking for examples from 3CMA members on the following:
RFPs for either or both a Communications Audit and Communications Plan
Thank you!"
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Job Description for Assistant to the City Manager
Karen Graves , Assistant to the City Manager for Public Affairs, City of Lebanon, OH writes:
"Looking for Job Descriptions with salary profiles for Assistant to the City Manager. Thank you!"
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Procedure for Posting and/or Removing Images from Social Media
Meg Ralph, Communications Assistant, City of Overland Park, KS writes:
"Does your organization's law enforcement agency have a procedure for posting and/or removing suspect images from social media? For example, if detectives are trying to find a suspect, they may reach out to the public for help on a police department's Facebook. Once an arrest is made or charges are filed in the case, what is your organization's policy? Will you remove the post at the request of the suspect? Why or why not?"
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Facebook Requires City Staff to Use their Own Personal Facebook Account to Manage City Facebook Page
Annette Gonzalez, Communications/Technical Project Specialist, City of Aventura, FL writes:
"We've run into a bit of a problem because Facebook requires admins of a page to be a "real person" and advise us to use our staff's personal FB accounts. For example, we have a non-active Facebook page for our police department; however, Facebook wants the admin and anyone who we give permission to update that page to use their personal accounts. This is quite the burden on an employee.

How are other cities and police agencies handing this? Is your city employee/staff using their personal credentials/page to update work related matters to a city/pd page?"
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Encoding and Live Streaming Help
Melanie Lentz, Project Manager, City of Carmel, IN writes:
"We are currently in need of an upgrade with Granicus to perform the following:

* Encoding with Live Manager
* Distribute video indexing and documents
* Live streaming of meetings

We are also working with SwagIt to get a quote. However, we need to acquire THREE quotes and are having trouble finding another company that offer the same or similar product. What do you use or suggest?"
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