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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Digital Video/TV Signage
Nannette Rodriguez, Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County, Florida writes:
"Are you considering or have implemented a multi-media digital video/TV signage program for internal and/or external communications in your community or agency’s facilities? If so, what vendor/software are you using for content management and are you satisfied with the vendor’s system (pros and cons)? Please include the number of video screens / media players you are using or plan to use. Thank you!"
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Policy for Translating Government Communications Into Other Languages
Anne Curtis, Chief Communications Officer, Town of Herndon, Virginia writes:
"Here in Herndon we are contemplating development of a policy that dictates when and how government communications will be translated into other languages – primarily Spanish, but others as well. Research into surrounding counties and municipalities reveals that very few local governments have policies like this. Thanks in advance for any guidance?"
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