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Current "Help, Please" Questions
Communications Plans
Kara D. Roberson, Communications Manager/PIO, City of Wentzville, Missouri writes:
"I’ve looked through the resources and past “Help, Please” questions, but the majority of the communications plans are from many years ago. Does anyone have a new-ish plan that they would share? I’m looking for plans that incorporate social media, emergency communications, etc. Thank you in advance for your help!"
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Service Level Agreements
Michelle Van Dyke, Media Relations - Communications & Digital Media, Hillsborough County, Florida writes:
"Hillsborough County (Florida) Communications & Digital Media has been tasked with developing Service Level Agreements to be entered into with all departments we serve. The agreements are to outline services we provide, expectations for working with our client departments, how differences of opinion/perception are resolved, division of responsibilities, and task/collateral/product approval processes. Do any members have experience with this type of agreement, including templates and examples you can share?"
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City Entrance Signs
Leslie Arroyo, Communications Director, City of South San Francisco writes:
"Does your City have a "Welcome" Sign? I've seen many concrete, and/or beautiful rock engraved signs that state you've "entered into xx City." We are doing entrance signs for our City and I'd like to show a wide variety of the signs City have for our Council to review. If you could send me pictures of signs your cities have, I would truly appreciate it!"
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Strategic or General Communications Plans
Jeff Montgomery, Public Information Officer, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia writes:
"Looking to see if any other jurisdictions have developed any strategic or general communications plan within the last few years. I'm not looking for plans designed around a specific type of program or initiative such as a website launch or event marketing, but more general in nature for communications as a whole. For those jurisdictions that have created one and used a specific time frame such as a one-year, two-year, five-year strategic communications plan, I'd also like to know why you decided on that particular time frame. Thanks!"
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Sharing Weekly Information Regarding Commissioners' Meetings
Dawn Dudley, Senior Public Information Specialist - City of Durham, North Carolina writes:
"What are some alternatives to sharing weekly information posts regarding commissioners’ meetings and events? Recently, a local paper that shared information posts about our commissioners’ meetings and events notified us that they will no longer do so. This was a big blow for a number of reasons. First, we did not budget for weekly advertising this fiscal year (the information update came by surprise after the current budget was adopted). Additionally, our readers that do not have access to online announcements or social media looked to the local paper for the information. Please help me with ideas for free or inexpensive ways to reach “paper readers” that will hold us over until our next budget cycle."
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Internal Communications Survey
Jill Thompson, Public Information Officer, City of Lincoln, California writes:
"Have you performed a survey of your internal customers/management staff on the Communications/Public Information Office functions? Specifically, how the services offered by your office are doing in terms of supporting their department PR needs, and opening up conversation for ideas on how to better serve their individual departments?"
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Drone Policy
Sean Reilly, Communications Manager, City of Overland Park, Kansas writes:
"I was wondering if any cities have an updated drone policy now that the FAA has in place requirements. Thank you."
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