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How the Program Works
Savvy - Silver Circle - Award of Excellence
  1. Awards are presented for creative and successful programs in three Communication and Marketing divisions: 1. Tools, 2. Graphic Design & Photography, and 3. Processes.
  2. Tools are what you use to implement the idea – getting information out to get the job done. They include publications, television and video, marketing campaigns, special events and new technologies.
  3. Graphic Design and Photography includes projects and concepts that showcase creative talent and design that also perform essential communication functions.  Redesigned projects are also included here.  Entries judged on innovation, creativity and strategic alignment with goals.
  4. Processes are broad categories of activity, such as resident participation, communications plans and go green programs.
  5. Savvy Awards are presented in 16 categories with 38 subcategories. For judging purposes, Savvy Awards are given for each population group in each category. Second place Silver Circle Awards and third place Awards of Excellence are awarded in each category.

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