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 Taming the Beast - Advanced Topics in Social Media
Webinar details: Taming the Beast:  Advanced Topics in Social Media 
Date:  Thursday - June 29, 1 p.m. EST
Hashtag: #3CMAWebinar
Sign Up Now as Space is Limited: Webinar Registration
We’ll start off with a promise – This social media webinar will be different than most.  We’re going to assume your local government is already “doing” social media. Taking it one step further involves finding out what true engagement on social media means for your city or county, knowing how to grow the platform, and being able to show a serious return on your investment. And who among us has not run into that uncomfortable situation when a resident or advocacy group decides your social media channel is the way for them to attack the government?

This webinar will focus on social media tactics, success and failures and how digital engagement can greatly affect public perception of your government, a project or even a hot-button topic.  You’ll hear from an outstanding panel of experts on strategies and tactics to improve engagement, measure the value of your program, and effectively deal with potential problems. They’ll also touch on pushing the limits to find how the community responds to different forms of messaging and personality from the government. You’ll walk away with great ideas that have worked in other communities, approaches that can reduce risk, and answers to your questions.
Your presenters are:
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez
Kansas City, MO
Kevin Knutson
Kevin Knutson
Management Partners'
Bridget Kozlowski
Bridget Kozlowski
Sterling Heights, MI
Chris Hernandez, Director of City Communications Office, Kansas City, MO
Chris is KC’s chief spokesperson and the leader of a team that provides integrated and strategic communications support to city departments and programs.  Their office handles media relations, social media, the city’s website and community engagement, while also producing original video programming and graphic design services.  Chris was previously known as "that guy on the news" during more than 20 years as a television news journalist. He was a political reporter and analyst, working in cities including Amarillo and Chicago.
Kevin Knutson, Regional Vice President for Management Partners’ Eastern Office, Cincinnati, OH
Kevin works with governments and other clients in the eastern US to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  He has served as the director of community relations in Reno and as director of communications and marketing for Coral Springs, Fla.  He also served as a budget and strategic planning manager, assistant city manager, and interim city manager. He is a recognized as a Credentialed Manager by ICMA and was named the 3CMA 2011 Communicator of the Year.
Bridget Kozlowski, Director of Community Relations, Sterling Heights, MI
Bridget leads communications and engagement for Michigan’s fourth-largest city at 135,000+ residents. She previously worked as Communications Coordinator for the Village of Lombard, Ill, and started her career as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune for four years before transitioning into local government. Bridget is on the Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) National Leadership Team and will finish her Masters of Public Affairs degree in 2017.

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