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3CMA Webnar - Everything You Want to Know on Using Drones in Local Government

Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 1 pm Eastern Time / 10 am Pacific Time
Hashtag: #3CMAWebinar
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You’ve seen the power of using drones in local government for capturing that perfect shot for a communications project or for helping your police and utility departments enhance operations and safety. You’ve also likely received complaints from people using drones in parks and neighborhoods. What is the future for drone use and how can you be sure you’re in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules on the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)?

Sign up today for this webinar to hear from an expert with the Federal Aviation Administration on their definition of a UAS, the requirements for both commercial operators and hobbyists, and best safety practices. Brett Hoben’s presentation on drones was highly rated at a 2018 3CMA Regional Conference and we’re now able to share his insights with all members through this webinar. He’ll review registration requirements and the FAA DroneZone portal, and share how to apply for waivers and airspace authorizations. 

Brett will also talk about public use and law enforcement’s use of UAS and highlight how some communities have created Drone Parks for use by their residents. He will give an update on the UAS integration Pilot Program that is working with local governments and others on finding ways to balance local and national interests in using drones and also addressing security and privacy risks. And most importantly, you’ll be able to ask questions of an FAA pro. Whether you love to “geek out” on drone info or just want to make sure you’re doing it right, this webinar is for you!
Brett HobenBrett Hoben | Acting Front Line Operations Manager in Aviation Safety | Des Moines, Iowa, Flight Standards District Office
Brett Hoben is a Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Safety Inspector and the Unmanned Aircraft Systems focal point, responsible for educating the public and potential drone operators on the current rules and regulations on safe drone operations. He also oversees safety inspections and check rides for pilots and helps investigate aviation accidents/incidents in the state of Iowa. He has a Flight Operations and Aviation Management degree from the University of Dubuque and taught there as the Assistant Chief Flight instructor for ten years. He has also served as a charter flight pilot for Elliott Aviation.  

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