Kathy Gilwit - President Elect

Kathy Gilwit joined the City of New Rochelle as Communications and Marketing Manager in February 2007 and 3CMA the following month. In this strategic first-tier suburb of New York City she serves 12 municipal departments and a diverse and dynamic residential population of 78,000, overseeing the City's internal and external communications, promotional efforts, cable television department, and website. Kathy is chair of NR-PR, a Citywide public relations networking group and served this year on the board of New Rochelle's 325th Anniversary Committee.

Prior to joining the City of New Rochelle, she served as editorial reporter for the New Rochelle Sound Report weekly newspaper from 2000-2007, and jointly worked at the Chamber of Commerce. Kathy has received numerous community awards and also has volunteered as Mentoring Chair/New Rochelle High School Journalism Committee, a member/ Women in Business Steering Committee, and member/ New Rochelle FOCUS Coalition.

Kathy Gilwit