2022 Conference Sponsors

Municipal Captioning - Grand SponsorMunicipal Captioning

Municipal Captioning Inc. helps Cities and Counties add human and automated solutions for captioning all of their meetings for television, live streaming, social media, and more. We also provide “GOV Meeting Makeovers” where we can help hybridize meeting workflows that need to accommodate both in-person and virtual participants, and can update old PEG facilities with low-cost but effective replacement components. We have 2 decades of experience and local government customers across the country, and we always provide a GOV Discount and Free Shipping for all Gov entities.

Rock Solid Technologies - Savvy Awards Sponsor

Rock Solid Technology Logo Opens in new windowRock Solid’s software solutions empower city and municipal leaders to digitally bridge the engagement gap between residents and their local government. With over 20 years of dedicated local government software innovation, we understand government operations and created a single digital space for local governments to easily translate their communities’ needs into actionable insights and services. Today, hundreds of local governments across North America trust Rock Solid as their dedicated partner in engagement and operational efficiency.

Connect With Us - CastusCASTUS - Innovation Forum

CASTUS has become the solution of choice for broadcasters and stations across the US, leading the way in cloud technologies and connectivity with the entirely cloud-based CASTUS Cloud Services (CCS). Connect your virtual meetings to your channel, chapterize meetings, caption live events and files, connect any number of HLS live feeds all in the cloud with Adaptive Bit-Rate, and more.

Upload, Schedule and Stream with CASTUS on-premise QuickRoll and QuickCast! Our scheduling solutions are easy to use, reliable and built to last. Schedule your programs and live events in seconds while streaming them LIVE to your website and social media platforms, all from one box!

Learn more at castus.tv or email us for a demo at sales@castus.tv, we look forward to learning about your operations and demonstrating CASTUS in action!

Citibot - Welcome Event SponsorCitibot_Logo

Local government communications professionals can increase citizen engagement while reducing the amount of communications their staff handles everyday with Citibot. Citibot builds AI-powered chatbot platforms for citizens and their governments to use for efficient and effective communication and civic change. Using smart text messaging and web chat technology, Citibot helps residents get answers to questions, report issues, send messages directly to staff, and receive real-time alerts. For more information visit http://citibot.io or connect with Citibot on Twitter (@citibot_io), Facebook (/citibotio) or Instagram (@citibot).

Granicus_Horizontal_OnWhite (1)Granicus - Lanyard/Badge Holder Sponsor

Empowering the Modern Digital Government

Granicus connects governments with the people they serve by providing the first and only civic engagement platform for the public sector. Over 4,500 federal, state and local government agencies and more than 250 million citizen subscribers power an unmatched Subscriber Network that turns government missions into quantifiable results. With comprehensive cloud-based solutions for communications, government website design, meeting and agenda management software, records management, and digital services, Granicus empowers stronger relationships between government and citizens.

Pagefreezer Logo 2019Pagefreezer - Pen Sponsor

Whether it be for web modernization, streamlining records requests, improving transparency, or adhering to regulations, over 600 federal, state, and local government agencies rely on Pagefreezer’s SaaS solution to capture records of their online communications, including all changes, edits, and deletions.

With Pagefreezer, you can permanently preserve your website, social media, enterprise collaboration, and mobile text archiving content in real-time and then quickly search, export, or share those records in its original format.

Learn more at Pagefreezer.com.

GHD DigitalGHD Digital - Session Break Sponsor - Wednesday Afternoon Break

GHD Digital is a global software company that helps communities connect with their citizens through innovative digital solutions. With our forte in website development, mobile apps and digital solutions for the public sector, we have helped over 600 municipal clients reach a new level of digital efficiency across North America.

Cropped Meta LogoMeta - Session Break Sponsor - Thursday Afternoon Break

Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses

ArchiveSocialByCivicPlusLogoArchiveSocial: Powered by CivicPlus - Notebook Sponsor

As the leading provider of social media archiving technology in the public sector, ArchiveSocial enables thousands of forward-thinking government entities, law enforcement agencies, and educational organizations to openly and transparently communicate across social networking platforms while ensuring legal protection and compliance with public records. ArchiveSocial is powered by CivicPlus.

Nindeo LogoNindeo - Audio Visual Sponsor

Nindeo is an innovative system that remotely livestreams public meetings and election processes. The combination of local Nindeo hardware and remote “video ninja” creates a seamless public meeting broadcast.

Nindeo livestreams your public processes nearly anywhere, including facebook, youtube, Granicus, IQM2 and your PEG cable channel. Simply install Nindeo in your chambers, connect your cameras and the internet, schedule your event, and we remote in and do the rest.

FlashVote - Pre-Conference Luncheon SponsorFlashVote - Pre-Conference Luncheon Sponsor

FlashVote is the scientific way to survey and engage residents - so you can serve the many, not just the noisy. You get statistically valid community input in 48 hours on whatever topics you want. 3CMA members across the country rely on FlashVote data to solve problems, inform decisions, avoid mistakes and stretch their dollars.

GSCIVIC-logo_webGranite Sky Civic - Super Supporter

Granite Sky Civic is a full-service marketing firm specializing in municipal communications. For over 22 years, our focus on details and team-player approach has helped our customers connect with their citizens effectively and efficiently.

Clients rely on us for turn-key solutions to a variety of projects, including branding, website development, periodic newsletters or magazines, program guides, and multi-channel public information campaigns. They trust our strategic planning and depth of experience to ensure the success of each project.

In addition, we offer a convenient online print management portal for multi-department organizations. Users can easily order a range of collateral (i.e., business cards, envelopes, forms, etc.) while enforcing brand consistency and enjoying simplified proofing, easy order tracking and customized billing.

JPW Communications Logo Opens in new windowJPW Communications - Super Supporter

We are JPW Communications: a team of talented marketing and communications experts born from government to provide award-winning service for government. Together, we bring decades of first-hand experience from inside cities, counties, states and special districts, and couple that with an unrelenting pursuit of creative excellence to bring the public sector a consulting firm like no other. Our vision is to empower every government organization to rethink communications in a fresh, dynamic and compelling way, leading to greater trust with the public and transformed communities. Come with us as we embark on a journey to chart new territory in the public information arena.

ENCO Blue Horizontal Logo ENCO Systems, Inc. - Super Supporter

ENCO cut its teeth building process control software for mission-critical industrial applications back in 1983. Control and automation are at the company’s core. Building on our expertise in automation technology and an in-depth understanding of challenges faced by television and radio broadcasters, we focused on applying automation to broadcasting. In 1991, ENCO’s first digital audio delivery system, DAD, replaced mechanical CART systems while also innovating with a breakthrough touch-screen human interface. DAD increased flexibility and productivity for broadcasters and enabled trouble-free automated formats that could run for days without intervention.

In 2005 we applied our innovative approach towards automatic speech recognition technology. With the more recent advent of artificial intelligence, we have grown enCaption into a major market solution serving broadcasters of all sizes, with economies of scale.

Other innovations in our history include harnessing our DAD platform to address the playout automation needs of video broadcasting with ClipFire. Further, our HotShot instant audio playout system added enterprise-level logging and reporting features, making it an easy choice for the largest of sports broadcast networks, mobile production fleets, and big-league venues the world over.

Pat Davis Design Group Logo - 3CMAPat Davis Design Group (PDDG) - Super Supporter

PDDG is an international marketing communications agency with 45 years of experience working with municipalities of all sizes across the U.S. and abroad, including long-standing client partnerships with economic development, tourism, workforce development, higher education, transportation, and related organizations. PDDG offers a wide range of services including branding, creative, graphic design, website design, marketing strategy, communications, social media management, and event planning.

Cablecast + TRMS Logo Horizontal CenterCablecast by Tightrope Media Systems - Super Supporter

With Tightrope's Cablecast Community Media solution hosts, automates and distributes your digital content across cable, web and OTT platforms live and on-demand. Simply enter your program information once and Cablecast does the rest. A responsive web interface enables 100% remote management, even from your mobile device on the go. You can automate, schedule, promote, stream, caption, chapter, share and report on your digital content across all platforms from a single interface. Cablecast also offers fully integrated solutions for channel branding, meeting management, digital bulletin board closed captioning and turnkey dynamic VOD portals for web, mobile, and OTT.

Revize Government Websites LogoRevize Government Websites - Super Supporter

Revize Government Websites is an experienced government web design company headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Since 1995, the company has built and designed beautiful, reliable, and accessible websites for government municipalities across the U.S while maintaining excellent customer service.  The Revize client base includes government agencies such as Arcadia, CA, St. Petersburg, FL, Troy, MI, Des Moines, IA, Oswego County, NY, and many others.

Swagit Logo - Red Tagline on WhiteSwagit Productions, LLC - Super Supporter

Meeting and exceeding all the streaming media needs of government.

Swagit Productions, LLC specializes in providing hands-free video streaming® and broadcast solutions to local, state and federal government agencies as well as other online entities. Streaming media is our specialty and our passion. We focus only on the latest trends, emerging technology and new avenues of distribution — all with one main goal:

Getting your message to reach the largest audience possible.

ChandlerThinks LogoChandlerthinks - Super Supporter

Chandlerthinks is place marketing company specializing in municipal branding. Do you often hear about community's wanting to create a strong identity beyond their logo? We can help make that happen. Chandlerthinks uses a recognized research driven process and a savvy team of place branding veterans for creating impactful branding directions.

CPC-purple logoTCU CPC Program - Super Supporter

This rigorous post-baccalaureate program offers education and leadership training for communication professionals in cities, counties, schools and public-sector organizations. Students graduate from the program with three-year communication plans and policies for their organizations. CPC is a partnership among TCU's Bob Schieffer College of Communication, TAMIO, 3CMA, TSPRA, and NACIO. Now enrolling for summer 2023, with more information at www.certifiedpubliccommunicator.org

CivicPlus - Super SupporterCivicPlus - Super Supporter

At CivicPlus®, we work with thousands of local government leaders, and they tell us they need to improve how residents access and experience municipal services, but they struggle with budget cutbacks and technology constraints. We enable civic leaders to solve these problems by delivering technology that enables municipalities to optimize the experiences they deliver to residents. Over 7,500 local governments use our solutions when serving their 340 million residents. We deliver the industry’s only Civic Experience Platform. It enables local governments to drive more revenue, operate more efficiently, and generate positive recognition for the many services they provide every day. 

Whispir LogoWhispir - Super Supporter

With Whispir, local governments can instantly engage with their constituents across multiple channels using customized, two-way communications. Government teams can communicate more quickly using less resources, and improve citizen services with our easy to use, no-code platform. Schedule, automate, and send messages via SMS, email, social, rich media, voice, video, and text-to-speech with Whispir. 

CookseyCommunicationsCooksey Communications - Super Supporter

We specialize in issues-related communications for government/economic development, transportation, water, energy and education clients, and strategic communications for professional services, commercial real estate/development, retail/hospitality/consumer and nonprofit clients.

Intrado-color-largeIntrado - Super Supporter

The Intrado CivicLive Content Management System anticipates the needs of your users and helps them find the answers they need from their municipality. Each Intrado CivicLive website is built on our intuitive Smart CivicLive Content Management System (CMS) that works with you to deliver the best in modern, digital government. Accessible and optimized for mobile, each Intrado CivicLive website is custom-designed for optimal user experience with built-in opportunities for two-way engagement between your government and its constituents.

POLCOPolco - Super Supporter

Polco is a civic engagement company providing a platform to better engage residents as community outreach and engagement needs change. The platform combines the ease of online polls/micro-surveys with the verification and reliability of in-person engagement.  Through Polco’s research team, National Research Center, we also offer a suite of statistically sampled benchmark surveys that you can conduct on the Polco platform, which gives you access to our Research Survey Scientists.  We have been providing benchmark surveys for the last 25 years and work with over 500 communities across the country.

North Star Place Branding + Marketing LogoNorth Star Place Branding + Marketing - Super Supporter

North Star Place Branding + Marketing is a national community marketing agency, passionate about the matchless qualities that define and shape each and every place. Using two decades of experience and perspective, North Star helps client communities uncover and express their authentic story and inspire local action to achieve their preferred future. With offices in Jacksonville and Nashville, North Star brands and markets downtowns, towns, cities, counties, developments of regional impact, regions and states for the purposes of economic development, tourism, talent attraction, citizen engagement and unification of community-wide public entities and partner organizations. For more information, please visit northstarideas.com. 

CoCensusLogo_Black_TM (1)Seam Social Labs Inc. - Speaker Honorarium Sponsor

co:census helps Communications teams use the voice of their community to design a better tomorrow. Developed by Seam Social Labs, MWBE & B-Corp, our mission is to work with your team to design unbiased surveys, gather feedback fro communities, and get instant insights on their concerns, needs, and solutions for a better city.