About 3CMA

The City-County Communications & Marketing Association is the nation's premiere network of local government communicators. The organization was founded in 1988 on the philosophy that communications and marketing are essential to helping governments engage and build stronger relationships with their residents. Effective public communicators are vital to local government success, linking residents to the essential information they need to access services and be part of the democratic process. They play a key role in cultivating a shared vision for the community.


3CMA is all about making the connections you need. From national speakers, to innovative ideas and proven outcomes, to ways to use new technology, you'll have the opportunity to connect and learn with nearly 1,000 of your peers. Webinars bring the value of membership directly to your office with online learning sessions where you can hear from and engage with communication leaders and experts. Regional conferences throughout the year allow a focus on regional issues and trends, with significant input from local members. The Members Only Section of the 3CMA website hosts a Resource Center with member examples of everything from Communication Plans to Social Media Policies to Managing the One-Person Shop to Requests for Proposals. And when you need one-on-one advice, the 3CMA staff is there to provide counsel and direct you to helpful resources. The hallmark connection opportunity is 3CMA's Annual Conference, proclaimed by members as one of the greatest benefits of membership.

I joined 3CMA more than 10 years ago because I didn't have all the answers. You can easily justify your registration and membership from the resources and networking you get in just three days at the Annual Conference!
 - Kim Womack - Corpus Christi, Texas


Innovation and creativity are hallmarks of 3CMA. Those efforts are best displayed in the annual 3CMA Savvy Awards Competition where your work can be heralded as the best in the country. From videos to events, from online engagement to visioning and branding, the competition is heavily focused on outcomes and results that enhance communities and citizen involvement. Annually more than 750 entries are received with three coveted awards possible for each category, using population groups so you compete with like-size communities. Perhaps the greatest resource is the ability to have information on every Savvy entry at your fingertips. There is no need to "recreate the wheel" when you have outstanding Savvy finalist entries available to you online that clearly define the problem and present solutions that work for nearly every government issue imaginable. 

It is so rewarding to receive a Savvy Award that lets your manager, your leaders and your community know that how we engage and connect with residents is recognized as the best in the nation. And the greatest compliment is when another community uses your approach for their campaign to address the same type of issue. We openly share our most creative and innovative ideas.
 - Nannette Rodriguez - Palm Beach County, Florida


In 3CMA, you'll feel immediately at home with peers who speak your language. Members represent local governments from across the country and they have been in the same trenches, faced the same challenges and most importantly, they are thought and experience experts willing to share their expertise. Networking takes on a whole new meaning at 3CMA. You'll develop friendships and contacts you can call on throughout the year. You'll be able collaborate through newsletters and an online forum and have a network of professionals to reach out to for assistance during emergencies and natural disasters. You won't find a more caring group of people who have a real passion for government service and communication. 

When I attended my first 3CMA Conference, what I valued the most was the network of people who have similar problems, whether large or small. We've been through many of the same issues and battles and in every conversation, people were so welcoming and open to sharing.
 - Nathan Mueller - Novi, Michigan

Who Should Join

  • City/County Communication Professionals
  • City/County Marketing Professionals 
  • Communication Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Public Information Officers
  • Economic Development and Redevelopment Professionals
  • Cable and Online Production Professionals
  • Public Affairs Staff
  • Web Content Administrators
  • Social Media Administrators and Staff
  • Video Production Specialists
  • Environmental, Water, Waste Agency Staff
  • Special Event Staff
  • Public Relations Professionals
  • City/County Managers and Assistant City/County Managers
  • Elected Leaders
  • Community Affairs Professionals
  • Graphic Design Professionals  
  • Parks, Public Safety and Public Works Professionals
  • Library and Educational Staff
  • Any staff member involved with outreach / engagement

Members Only Benefits: All members receive discounts on 3CMA Annual and Regional Conference, discounts on Savvy Award fees, all 3CMA newsletters and access to Members Only Resources and Forums on the 3CMA website.