2021 Savvy Awards - Gateway To New Frontiers

Savvy entry deadline extended until Saturday - June 5, 2021 (11:59 pm Eastern)

The past year has been one like never before. You’ve been on the front line of the response to the COVID pandemic, while still addressing other programs and priorities in your community. Beyond a doubt, we know you’ve implemented outreach and 3CMA 2021 Savvy Awardsengagement efforts that exemplify communications excellence. Today, as we stand at the gateway to many new frontiers and opportunities, you are invited to take part in the 2021 3CMA Savvy Awards Competition.

The 2021 competition is your portal for recognizing the creativity, effectiveness, and success of programs produced from January 1, 2019, to the present. It is an opportunity to compete with government communicators from across the nation and to be honored with the nation’s top professional recognition through the Savvy Awards.  It’s also a chance to shine and demonstrate the critical importance of engagement to your community and its leaders.

Finding New Life on the Edge of the Frontier

The 2021 Savvy Awards will be presented at the 3CMA Annual Conference, September 8-10 in St. Louis (3cma.org/Annual). The city gained fame in the 19th century as a center of commerce and trade, attracting thousands ready to find a new life on the edge of the frontier. That spirit continued with the 1965 construction of the Gateway Arch and is present with its ongoing revival in the 21st century.  That spirit of renewal and progress exemplifies this year’s awards competition and conference. 

New Categories for 2021

In recognition of the incredible work related to the pandemic, the 3CMA Savvy Committee has added two new categories for 2021:

COVID-19 PR Campaign: Digital  Interactive
Submissions may include one or all of the following: a website dedicated page for coronavirus information, a social media campaign, a video campaign, email campaign, or other digital campaign for coronavirus information sharing.

COVID-19 PR Campaign: Printed Publications
This category includes any print material circulated to inform the public about COVID-19 including but not limited to posters, mailers, infographics, print advertisements, and/or brochures.

Submitting an Entry is Easy

Two years ago we unveiled the online awards management system (Submit an Entry), making it easier than ever for communities of all sizes to enter the competition. Both entrants and judges raved about the new system that allows you to: 

  • Save your in-process entries and finish them later
  • Duplicate an entry and easily submit it in a second category
  • Pay for multiple entries at once with ease
  • Submit all your supporting photos, clips, documents, videos, etc. in one easy step
  • Reopen a completed entry (any time before the deadline) and add a finishing touch
  • Access your entries after submitting them
  • Access comments from the judges on the morning after the Savvy Awards Ceremony

If you submitted entries in the 2020 Savvy Awards and made payment for the competition, your entries and payment will automatically be transferred to the 2021 awards competition. You can add, edit, and delete entries you submitted in 2020.

Demonstrating Success

At a time when cities, counties, towns, and districts are working hard to maintain and even rebuild trust and confidence in local government, winning a Savvy award tells your residents, and your elected and appointed leaders, that effective communication matters. It also shows that your work to increase engagement, communicate effectively, and infuse creativity is among the best in the nation. Given the long hours and commitment you’ve demonstrated the last two years, it is also a matter of pride – having your work named among the best brings a great sense of team and personal satisfaction. 

Our competition covers every aspect of your work from social media and special events, to graphic design and photography, to community branding, video, and much more. We also love recognizing new communication heights and vitality with awards for creative projects with little to no budget and those that are most innovative. 

The early entry deadline is April 9, 2021, and the regular deadline has been extended until Saturday - June 5, 2021. The cost to enter remains at $85 for members for the early entry deadline and $95 for members for the regular entry deadline.

Who Can Enter?

The 2021 Savvy Awards competition is open to all local government jurisdictions (City, County, Town, Village, District, etc.). Also, public relations firms, consultants, and/or advertising agencies may submit entries on behalf of their local government clients, provided they are submitted under the client’s name and jurisdiction.

Creating a Solution Source

When you submit your Savvy Award entry, your work becomes part of the most useful database of local government solutions from across the country. We created a Guidebook for 3CMA members to have easy access to Savvy entries from years past with cutting-edge information and ideas from the most creative professionals in the business. This searchable database provides a solution to nearly every municipal challenge you may face at the touch of your fingertips.