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Black lives matter in our communities. Listening may provide one pathway for action and reconciliation. Using the Atatiana Jefferson tragedy in Fort Worth, Texas, on Oct. 12, 2019, as a starting point, this webinar provides perspectives on how cities listen during critical incidents. Her tragic murder, tied to national discussions about police brutality and power, also led to local protests and conversations about unmet promises of change by the city and its police force. 

In the webinar, Drs. Ashley English and Jacque Lambiase review frameworks for how organizations listen to stakeholders under ideal circumstances, and how organizations can demonstrate the impact of that listening even on the toughest topics. Along with co-researcher Julie O'Neil at TCU, the two speakers are conducting a case study and in-depth interviews focused on this tragic incident. They will trace subsequent developments in the Fort Worth community, as well as offer recommendations for changing the ways that cities listen to residents and other stakeholders.

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Jacqueline Lambiase, Ph.D., is department chair and professor of strategic communication at TCU in Fort Worth, TX. She directs the Certified Public Communicator Program at TCU, which partners with 3CMA to provide graduate-level professional development for public-sector communicators. Lambiase has published more than 40 journal articles, edited books, white papers, and book chapters on social media and public-sector communication, public relations ethics, and gender in advertising. 

Ashley E. English, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of strategic communication at TCU in Fort Worth, TX where she also serves as a core faculty member in the Certified Public Communicator Program. English earned her Ph.D. in Public Administration & Management and is the co-founder of the TCU Nonprofit Communicators Conference. Her current research interests include examining social media fatigue among content creators and identifying how megachurches use digital platforms to facilitate dialogue and promote accountability to stakeholders,

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