• Expert assistance to help you and your community create strategic communications and marketing plans
  • Case-study information to help you implement citizen participation and community-based governmental programs
  • News bulletins to keep you abreast of new trends
  • Conferences to sharpen your skills
  • Regional meetings and seminars to meet public sector peers and share innovative ideas
  • Annual Savvy Awards Competition
  • Resource Group, a consulting consortium to help you plan and implement programs
  • Special interest groups
  • Members only Facebook Group

Examples of What Can Be Found in the Member Services Area

  • After Action Reports
  • Blog Policies
  • Budget Presentations
  • Communications Plans
  • Community Affairs Policies
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Crisis Communications Plans
  • Effective Communications in a Crisis
  • E-Mail Confidentiality Bills
  • Emergency Preparedness Brochures
  • Employee Communications Plans
  • Employee Media Relations Policies
  • Event Planning Guides
  • Fleet Management Policies
  • Graphic Manuals/Standards
  • Marketing Plans
  • Media Contact/Relations Guidelines
  • Media Training
  • Performance Measures/Measurement
  • Public Information Master Plan
  • RFP Examples
  • Special Events
  • Survey Examples
  • Tips for the One Person Shop

Streaming Video Examples Available On-Line

  • Education/Training
  • Interview/Talk Show
  • News Programming
  • Regularly Scheduled Programming
  • One-Time Special Programming
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Promotional Videos

These are just a few of the examples that can be found in the Member Services portion of the 3CMA Website.