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2023 Annual Conference Registration

  1. Registration Form Explanation

    Your regular conference registration fee will be reduced by $100 if you guarantee that you will make your reservation at the Hyatt Regency Orlando which is the official host hotel for the 2023 Annual Conference in the 3CMA room block at the negotiated rate. The 3CMA negotiated room rate is $199 per night plus tax.

    If you will be sharing a room with another attendee, each of you may deduct $50 from the registration fee.

    A local registrant may also deduct $100 if he/she is unable to register at the hotel.

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    I have read and agree to the "Registration Form Explanation" above.
  3. Please Note

    When selecting your registration option below, $100 has already been deducted from the Annual Conference fee for attendees staying (single attendee occupancy) at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. $50 has been deducted from the Annual conference fee for each attendee sharing a room at the Hyatt Regency Orlando as part of the 3CMA room block.

  4. Pre-Conference Registration

    Pre-Conference sessions are highly-rated, in-depth training sessions (2.5 hours in length and lunch is included) that are offered the morning of Sept. 6th, prior to the start of the conference. 

  5. Regular Conference Registration*
  6. One-Day Registration*

    If you selected One-Day Registration, please indicate the day you plan to attend the conference.

  7. New Member Bonus Registration
    Includes Regular Conference Registration and One-Year 3CMA Membership.
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  9. Please Let us Know*
  10. Cancellation Policy

    Requests for cancellations or substitutions should be made via email. Cancellations between August 18, 2023 and August 24, 2023 will be subject to a $75 administrative fee. After August 24, 2023, no refunds will be processed for cancellation.

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