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2021 Annual Conference King of Networking Event

  1. Thursday Night Special Event - The King of Networking

    A trip to St. Louis is not complete without a visit to the world’s largest brewery, in operation since the 1850’s. The 3CMA special, optional event for Thursday evening involves a trip from the Hyatt to the Anheuser-Busch flagship brewery, headquarters, and Home of Budweiser. It’s a time to network with 3CMA peers, enjoy the incredible and historic brewery atmosphere, and have a little fun. 

    The cost is $45 per person and includes two drink tickets for your choice of beer, hard seltzer and wine. Get your tickets today (spouses/significant others are welcome as well). Bus transportation to and from the Hyatt is included, with busses departing from the event every 20 minutes to return you to the hotel. Please note that closed-toe shoes are required for the finishing tour. Cheers to a great night of networking and celebrating together.

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  3. Please use the email address where you wish to receive information on the Thursday evening networking event.

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    Payment will only be accepted via online credit card. Ticket price: $45 each

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