Herding Cats

By Linda Harris

City of Decatur, GA When mixing and mingling at 3CMA's annual conference, I loved hearing the buzz. When we get together, the energy explodes with ideas and creative juices flow. The day before the conference began I attended my very last board meeting, so I donned my "regular attendee" hat and spent time during the conference just listening.

I heard excitement in first-timers' voices as they wondered how to get involved and keep the buzz flowing once returning home. I heard long-time attendees talking with colleagues they see only at conferences wanting a way to step up to the plate without committing to serving on the board. And finally, I heard members who wanted to serve on the board and were not chosen this year wonder how they could continue to contribute.

Herding Cats. Not so difficult actually.

As a result, I cornered newly elected President Tom telling him the board should consider recruiting regular members of 3CMA to some of the newly energized standing committees. I explained it would help lighten the load of board members; it would make it easier for the 3CMA Team to spread the word about 3CMA; and it would give those eager to be involved an avenue to do so. It was a no-brainer solution, right?

After sharing my brilliant insight, I turned to leave and President Tom said, "Excellent idea, are you willing to help execute it?" That is how my colleague Renae Madison and I came to be in charge of the Herding Cats Committee - also known to me as "be careful what you ask for."

All kidding aside, Renae and I are eager to help make it easier for members who want to get involved get connected with the different areas that could use some help such as membership/communications, 3CMA blog, Savvy committee, social media and more. We are building a Herding Cats spread sheet with names and email addresses and areas of interest that we will share with the board.

So far our first official cats include Chad Doran, Edell Fidler, Suzanne Forte, Allison Saffold, and Kristen Waggener. If you want to join the cats too, please send us a follow-up email so we can add you to the list. And be sure add your area of interest. Send your information to Renae Madison or Linda Harris .

Join the cats today and help us make cat herding fun.