Graphic Design and Photography

Savvy Award LogoIncludes projects and concepts that showcase creative talent and design that also perform essential communication functions. Redesigned projects are also included here. Entries judged on innovation, creativity and strategic alignment with goals.

Photography - Two Judging Categories

Photography should command attention, add insight and communicate a message. Composition, focus, contrast and use of color must reflect the highest professional standards.

  • Multi-Image Use
  • Single-Image Use

Graphic Design - Publications

Includes Annual Reports, Catalogs, Magazines, Newsletters, One-Time Publications or Multiple Pages and Calendars.

Graphic Design - Art

Includes Advertising, Illustrations, Logos and Branding Campaigns, and Book/Magazine Covers.

Graphic Design - Other Marketing Tools

Includes Maps and Guides, Direct Mail Pieces, Posters, Decals, Displays and Exhibits.