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3CMA Mentorship Program

  1. Would you like to be a:*
  2. Work Area
    Please select each of the following in terms of your areas of expertise (for those who want to be mentors) and areas where you’d like to grow your skills (for those who want to be a mentee)
  3. Strategic communication
  4. Getting a seat at the leadership table
  5. Writing a communication plan
  6. Writing a crisis communication plan
  7. Effectively utilizing social media
  8. Social media advertising
  9. Using video for effective communication
  10. Video production
  11. Website development/management
  12. Communicating with elected leaders
  13. Internal employee communication
  14. Newsletters/calendars/citizen publications
  15. Reaching diverse communities
  16. Relationship with supervisors
  17. Community events
  18. Large-scale community projects
  19. Community planning
  20. Building community trust
  21. Workload/stress management
  22. Managing challenging employees
  23. Developing a productive team
  24. Professional growth
  25. 3CMA Mentorship Program Code of Ethics*
    Participants in the 3CMA Mentorship Program agree to:
    • Treat others within the Mentorship Program with respect.
    • Protect the confidentiality of information shared.
    • Not accept any fees or commissions.
    • Be honest and accountable in all interactions.
    • Recognize the diversity of the Mentorship Program and respect the variety of cultural norms, beliefs, practices, and values it contains.
    • Assist with ideas, feedback, strategies, and support that further the opportunity for citizen engagement, involvement, and interaction that is authentic and a positive representation for local government.

    I commit to meet with my mentor/mentee at least once a month and to following the ethical guidelines put forth with this application.
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