Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah

3CMA Blog Christmas LightsWe’ve all talked about how hard this year has been, and it has been.  But through it all, at least for me, I have discovered that there have been good things as well.  I’ve had more time with my family.  This year I was blessed with a sweet new grandson and some time to work on my house that was built in 1967.  The house is definitely not as good as the grandson.

But good or bad, this year is coming to a close and most of us cannot wait.  If you can, over the holidays, take a moment and celebrate the good things that did happen this year.  I know there must be some.  One of mine is 3CMA.  What a wonderful organization. 

3CMA has produced some fabulous webinars, blogs and great information sharing.  I, for one, have used the closed Facebook group on many more occasions this year than in the past.  And how about the awesome facemasks we all received in the mail.  How fun was that? 

I count 3CMA as one of the things I am thankful for in my career and I hope you do too.  However you celebrate this time of year, we wish you the very best of holiday seasons.  As is my family tradition, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Patty Prince
3CMA President