Master Strategies

Accessible Goals

  • Organize for change
  • Understand competition and choice
  • Develop a positive, distinctive image for your community
  • Work effectively with local leaders to attract new business and industry
  • Cooperate with business/industry and residents for successful redevelopment
  • Capture more positive publicity in the media to convey special community attributes
  • Build and better communicate in pluralistic America
  • Increase spirit and pride among residents to foster community goals through neighborhood strategies
  • Promote community-wide services to meet the needs of residents
  • Improve employee morale/attitude/behavior to become more customer-oriented
  • Create community initiatives and events to bring neighborhoods together
  • Use downtown amenities and other assets to market your community
  • Support and promote your local school district to better market an important asset
  • Gain residents & support of tax issues to keep government stable
  • Devise a viable marketing plan to meet "customer" needs
  • Develop a communication plan for effective sharing of information with constituency groups
  • Use research to develop greater respect and trust in your local government